About me

To say that I like design would be an understatement; I live design! It even goes much deeper than “just” web and graphic design. I am fully aware of the fact that everything that is man made has been designed in some way and I often contemplate on how the designer was thinking when creating his product.
I find it very satisfying to se products, sites, posters or buildings and especially those which I feel have been created with that extra bit of attention and thought. This inspires me and motivates me to always give my best (and a bit more) in my own design process.

Programming has for me become a very important part of the design process. The world keeps on getting more interactive and it is often no longer enough with a simple, but beautiful, picture; programming gives a design life!
When it comes to web development it is often said that programming is not part of the creative process, but I don’t degree. Finding the best tools available and then use these tools in the right way to reach your goal is for me a very creative and very important part of creation. Lucky for me creativity is one of my strongest trades. I therefor enjoy programming and I it is very satisfying when a program or site in the end works just as I had thought from the beginning, and sometimes even better since I often find new tools and ways to solve a problem with that will further develop my original idea.

Technics is an ever changing world and I like to change with it. I love to learn new tools and ways to deal with problems or challenges. I would actually rather call them chances: an opportunity to grow and develop, and I can’t think of a time I met one of these chances that I have not been able to solve so I have learned something new everytime. To put theory in practice is another of my strong suits.